Intemidating mohawk

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Caldwell leads another, larger British/Indian invasion force in an attack on the valley, and the locals hole up in Fort Herkimer.With ammunition running low, Gil leaves the fort and makes a desperate run for help.A Quebec Mohawk chief is promising a coordinated campaign of civil disobedience if recently approved pipeline construction encroaches on aboriginal territory in British Columbia.The actions could range from demonstrations and rail blockades to people occupying government offices across Canada, according to Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon.

Perhaps you would want something that’s mundane, something rare and interesting for your equally rare and interesting dog.

How about naming him after popular foreigners with exotic-sounding names like “Givenchy” (French designer), “Dali” (Spanish artist), and “Zdenka” (Czech athlete).

How about any one of The Three Musketeers — Athos, Porthos and Aramis?

Giving your pet an exotic name would be a very good idea.

You will not find “Daisy”, “Buddy”, “Cuddles” or “Duke” in our list of exotic dog names, but you should find “Zagar”, “Jamiroquai”, or “Bjork”.

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